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Auction Action by Paul Lukas of ESPN and Uni Watch

Our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions have another big auction underway. Here are some of the more interesting items:

• I love love love this 1933 Cubs road jersey. Never seen that design before except in Okkonen’s mock-ups. (Here’s the full auction listing.)

• This is interesting: For an old-timers’ day in the 1980s, the Cardinals used jerseys with FNOB but no numbers (full listing).

• Two interesting aspect to this Vida Blue jersey: FiNOB and the A’s bicentennial patch (full listing).

• Always good to see one of the Denver Bears’ strike zone uniforms from 1952 (full listing).

• Totally digging this assortment of Brooklyn Dodgers World Series press pins (full listing). There’s also an Ebbets Field All-Star Game press pin here.

• This was in the Ticker earlier this week, but it’s worth repeating: Here’s a really unusual FNOB format (full listing). Here’s how it looked on the field.

• When you think of nickNOBs, it’s hard not to think of Pete Maravich (full listing).

• Interesting to see that the 1977 NBA All-Star Game uni had a patch on the shorts. Since the game was in Milwaukee, the patch design was a beer mug — love it (full listing). Here’s how it looked on the court.

• Captaincy designations on NBA uniforms: rare but not unheard of (full listing).

• One thing I never get tired of: the old Buffalo Braves uniforms (full listing).

Want to see more? You can browse through the entire auction catalog here.

– Thanks Paul!. To view this post and other fine uniform related discussions head to UniWatchBlog.com

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