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Don’t Get Shut Out | Put Your Initial Bids In Today

Less than 48 hours remain to place your initial bids. Auction ends tomorrow. 

The bidding continues in Grey Flannel Auctions’ highly anticipated December 11th Holiday Catalog. Don’t risk getting shut out! Put your initial bids in today as tomorrow is the final day of the auction and our phone lines and server tend to get very, very busy.

INITIAL BIDS REMINDER | Please remember that initial bids must be placed prior to 9:00 PM EST on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 if you wish to participate in the extended bidding portion of our auction. Once in Extended Bidding, bidding on each lot will be limited to only those bidders who have previously placed their initial bids on that specific lot.

December 11th Holiday Catalog

December 11th Holiday Catalog

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