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Initial Bidding Closes Tonight At 9:00 PM EST!

Today Is The Final Day To Bid In Grey Flannel Auctions’ HOF Catalog

Please note that while we cannot predict when the auction will end, we assume that with a smaller amount of lots being auctioned off the bidding will end sooner than past auctions. If the auction continues past Midnight EST we reserve the right to close it at any time. If you truly have interest in winning a lot we encourage you to place your bids early and not wait out the clock. The sale may end earlier than you expect.

INITIAL BIDS REMINDER | Initial bids must be placed prior to 9:00 PM EST tonight if you wish to participate in the extended bidding portion of our auction. Once in Extended Bidding, bidding on each lot will be limited to only those bidders who have previously placed their initial bids on that specific lot. For ongoing lots after the close of initial bidding, the 20-minute rule will be applied. The 20-minute rule means the auction will not end until there are no bids for the entire auction for a period of 20 minutes. The entire auction will close simultaneously, not one lot at a time.

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