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Director of Operations at Grey Flannel Auctions. A family-run business founded in 1989. GFA quickly transitioned into one of the industry's best authenticators and dealers of high profile sports memorabilia. Specializing in vintage game-used jerseys and high-end HOF autographs, GFA has held 49 catalog auctions satisfying collector needs. GFA continues to auction one-of-a-kind pieces; realizing record prices and private sales in excess of $75 Million.

Auction Action By Paul Lukas of ESPN’s Uni-Watch

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Our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions are running another catalog auction, which means it’s time for me to showcase some of the most interesting items they’re selling. Here we go:

• I love the elegant simplicity of this cap that Babe Ruth wore during a 1934 tour of Japan.

• Little-known uni-related fact about Mike Schmidt: When the Phillies wore zippered jerseys, he had a little button and loop added to his front shirttails, to keep them from spreading apart.

• Schmidt also had button added to his jersey for the Phils’ infamous one-day mono-burgundy uni. That listing page also includes this game photo, which I hadn’t seen before.

• Speaking of the Phils, look at the amazing chain-stitched numerals on this Steve Carlton jersey. Here’s the full listing.

• Interesting pair of San Francisco Giants McNOBs here: Willie McCovey had a base-aligned lowercase “c,” while Willie McGee’s “c” was raised.

• Love this two-tone Cardinals dugout jacket, although it would be even better if the right sleeve were navy.

• This Reds cold-weather jacket looks like a gown! Interesting to see the “Reds” inside the underline — I don’t recall seeing the Reds use that format before.

• Speaking of cold-weather attire, check out this Braves garment.

• Notice anything odd about this Bill Veeck leisure suit-style promo jersey? The numbers are the wrong font! Should look like this.

• In April of 1964, when I was about three weeks old, Arnold Palmer wore this cardigan in the Masters. What a beaut! I would totally wear that.

• I’m a little confused by this Edmonton Oilers “practice bib” — never seen anything like that before. Did these used to be common?

• Not sports-related, but I love this Baby Ruth candy bar vendor’s jacket. Looks kinda like a jockey’s silks, no?

• Here’s a maker’s mark I bet most of you have forgotten: the old Wilson/Staff logo, which the 49ers wore in 1995. Here’s the full listing for that jersey.

• So much to like in this 1963 Phillips 66ers warm-up jacket and, even better, this 1967 66ers warm-up top. Tasty!

• Naturally, I love the colors on this early-1960s Bob Cousy warm-up fleece. But the interesting thing is the buttons — they seem really big, no?

• Hmmm, seems like there were major kerning issues with this mid-1950s Philadelphia Warriors jersey. That “A” is practically falling off of the jersey!

• Two rarities in one: The NOB on this late-1980s Sacramento Kings jersey is nameplated and beneath the number — both very unusual for the NBA.

Want to see more? You can check out all of the auction listings here.

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