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Our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions have another big auction underway. Here are some of the more interesting items:

Tom Fears
Tom Fears Los Angeles Rams Game-Used Suspension Helmet

Here’s something fascinating: This 1957 Willie Mays jersey has smaller, snugger-fitting buttonholes, because, according to the auction house, “Mays preferred a tighter-fitting shirt.” Never seen or heard that before.

• Whoa, check out this full-length Milwaukee Braves satin jacket!

• Nearly two decades on, that inaugural Devil Rays design still sends shivers down my spine.

• This is interesting: We’re all familiar with the star-spangled top hat in the Yankees’ logo, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen that hat used in any other Yankees-related context — until now. That’s Yanks then-manager Bucky Harris in that ad.

• Oooh, you don’t often see one of the Cowboys’ early “star” jerseys. Look closely and you can see that it has a crossover collar seam, which was standard for Cowboys jerseys at that time.

• Remember when the Colts added grey to their color scheme in the early 1980s? You can see that reflected in the sleeve stripes of this coach’s sideline sweater.

• Check out the extra bit of paint on the raised center ridge of this old Rams helmet. Love how they tried to get the full extent of the horns in there, even though the colors don’t match (or maybe they just didn’t fade at the same rate over the years).

• I’ve written several times over the years about the All-American Redheads. Very cool to see one of their beautiful uniforms, complete with shorts and stirrups.

• Everyone knows Ichiro Suzuki has worn his first name as his NOB during his MLB career (except when he played for the Yankees, obviously). But not everyone knows he also wore his first name while playing in Japan. (The full story: While he was in the Japanese minors, he was on a team with two other players named Suzuki. They all wore their first names. Ichiro was the only one to make it to the Japanese majors, where he continued to wear his first name. When he joined the Mariners, he requested and received permission from MLB to keep wearing his first name.)

• Love this: Moses Malone’s high school letterman sweater!

• Oh baby, check out this 1952 warm-up jacket, worn by Tommy Heinsohn, featuring a spectacular chain-stitched chest patch and the always-awesome Butwin label.

• Speaking of chain-stitching, dig this magnificent Syracuse Nationals jersey. The script and numbers are densely chain-stitched, as you can see here.

• And we wrap up with this really nice Celtics shooting shirt. Love that format — Durene fabric, zip-polo collar, horizontal stripe on hem panel. Sweet!

Want to see more? You can browse through the entire auction catalog here.