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Our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions have another big auction underway. Here are some of the more interesting items:

• Interesting to see that Willie Mays’s 1972 Mets jersey had some tailoring alterations.

LOT #173: 1940 Jerome "Dizzy" Dean Tulsa Oilers Game-Used Home Flannel Uniform
LOT #173:
1940 Jerome “Dizzy” Dean Tulsa Oilers Game-Used Home Flannel Uniform

• I love how old Cubs jerseys used chain-stitching for the “C” on the chest logo.

• Speaking of chain-stitching, old Phillies jerseys had massive chain-stitched uni numbers that I never get tired of seeing.

• Back in the day, lots of teams used McAuliffe — now known as “the Red Sox font” — for their uniform numbers, including the A’s.

• Another team that used the McAuliffe font: the Angels. Interestingly, if you look at the back uni numbers, the “1” looks smaller than the “7,” but maybe it’s just the way the fabric is draping. (There’s another Angels/McAuliffe example, this one from 1977, here.)

• This batch of Jay Johnstone jerseys includes a 1980 Dodgers jersey that includes that season’s All-Star Game patch.

• Did you know the baseball Giants once used zippered jerseys? They did!

• If you look at this 1970 Indians jersey the red lettering/numbering with the black drop shadow feels a lot like today’s Reds uniforms.

• Fascinating to see that the Pirates used this kind of BP jersey. Everything about it — the collar, the zipper, the waistband trim — feels more like a basketball warm-up top.

• Speaking of the Pirates, you can have your very own Stargell Stars with this cap.

• I’d love to see the White Sox wear this early-1940s design as a throwback.

• Even a confirmed Yankees-hater like me can appreciate the coolness of this old Yankees belt buckle.

• Athletes aren’t the only ones in the ballpark who wear uniforms. Here’s an Orioles usher’s uni from the 1970s.

• Weird to see the Cowboys’ team name rendered in a script on this sideline jacket.

• Man, the 76ers sure used a lot of stars on their 1975-76 warm-up jackets.

Want to see more? You can access the entire auction catalog here.