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As you may have noticed, our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions are running another catalog auction. Here are my picks for some of the most interesting items being offered:

LOT #2:
Early 1960s Bill Russell Boston Celtics Player-Worn Home Fleece Warm-Up Jacket

• This 1969 Celtics championship watch (shown at right; click to enlarge) is a real beauty, eh?

• Speaking of the Celtics, I love the gold yellow-outlined lettering on the front of this beautiful Celtics warm-up top.

• Here’s another Celtics item — a 1983 Kevin McHale jersey. The interesting thing here is that they created the lowercase “c” for his McNOB by cutting an uppercase “C” and removing part of the vertical stroke.

• Sorry to be so Celtics-centric, but just one more Boston item: this 2008 jersey, back in the days when they were using the snowflake motif on the NBA logo for games on Christmas Day.

• This 1975-76 Nuggets jersey has something unusual: The NOB was applied on a nameplate, rather than via direct-sewn lettering — uncommon for a pro basketball jersey.

• Whenever I see a red Sonics alternate jersey, it just doesn’t compute. I’ll never think of that as a Sonics color.

• Oh baby, check out the gorgeous crest detailing on this 1955 Maple Leafs jersey.

• Really like the lettering on these New York Giants trophy footballs. The visual style feels more like something from the 1950s or ’60s, not the late 2000s.

• Here’s something interesting: a Saints tearaway jersey. According to the listing, “This is a lightweight cotton tear-away jersey which may have been worn in the preseason necessitated by the excessive heat in New Orleans.” Hmmm. It also describes the numbers and NOB lettering as being “painted on.” Note also that the NOB has a gap running through it. Weird.

• Love love love the chest patch on this old Chicago Cardinals jacket.

• Speaking of NFL jackets, check out this gorgeous Pat Patriot varsity jacket. Tasty!

• Here’s something you don’t often see: a 1970s California Sun uniform from the old WFL.

• You may have seen Ken Griffey Jr. uniforms before, but you probably haven’t seen this one, which he wore for Father-Son Day in Cincinnati when he was about five years old!

• This old Steve Carlton Phillies jersey is Exhibit A for why teams with pinstripes should never use nameplates for their NOBs. I hate how the plate disrupts the pins — grrrrr.

• We all know that Orioles skipper Earl Weaver famously had a little cigarette pocket sewn into the inside of his jerseys. But according to this listing, Frank Robinson also had the inner cig pouch when he coached for the O’s in 1979. I’d never heard that before. Sure enough, you can see the outline of the pouch on his front jersey number.

• Oooh, look at this magnificent California Angels jacket. Love that giant state-halo logo on the back. Really miss that logo.

Want to see more? You can browse through the entire auction here.