Auction Action By Paul Lukas of ESPN’s Uni-Watch

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Our friends at Grey Flannel Auctions are running another catalog auction, which means it’s time for me to showcase some of the most interesting items they’re selling. Let’s look at some of the highlights:

• We’ll begin with the item shown above. Can you believe NBA players actually wore these? That’s a 1976 New Orleans Jazz warm-up top. This one actually belonged to Pistol Pete himself!

• I think we may have seen one this in a previous Grey Flannel auction catalog, but taking another look definitely won’t hurt when it comes to this spectacular Syracuse Nationals warm-up jacket!

• Oh man, if this were in my size (and if I had a lot more disposable income than I actually do), I’d be all over this magnificent green/yellow 1968 San Diego Rockets shooting shirt. Right up my alley!

• Can never get enough of the San Francisco Warrors’ classic “The City” design, with the massive cable car numbers on the back.

• Ooooh, even with some moth holes, this 1934 Chicago Bears jacket is a beauty. Love that chenille logo and lettering!

• Speaking of football jacket, check out this Texas Longhorns model, worn by coach Darrell Royal himself.

• As a young Mets fan in the early 1970s, I pored over all the fine print in the team’s yearbooks and programs, so I know that their equipment manager in those days was a guy named Herb Norman. But I didn’t know that he also had the equipment gig for the Jets until I saw this auction listing for his Super Bowl III championship ring. I was like, “Herb Norman — I know that name!” (The auction catalog also has Norman’s 1973 Mets 1973 N.L. championship ring.)

• Speaking of championship rings, I love how this 1944 Cardinals World Series ring shows the birds on the bat on the side of the ring.

• And speaking of the birds on the bat, here’s a jersey from the one season when the birds were AWOL — the (in)famous 1956 one-year style, complete with Slugger Bird on the left sleeve. This one was worn by Stan the Man!’

• And speaking of the Cardinals’ sleeves, I always thought it was weird that they wore sleeve numbers on both sleeves in 1979 and ’80, as seen on this 1979 Lou Brock gamer.

• This is really a listing for an autographed scorecard from the 1951 Baseball Hall of Fame Game, but what I like is the little pin that comes with it!

• I’ve known for many years that the Cubs had handwritten uni numbers inside their raised helmet logos in the 1960s and early ’70s. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an up-close view as the one provided by this 1969 Ernie Banks helmet.

• Here’s an Ichiro jersey from his days in Japan, with massive “Ichiro” NOB lettering.

• Has any word on a uniform ever been more jarringly interrupted than the word “Louis” on this 1944 St. Louis Browns jersey? Nice stars/stripes shield for World War II, too.

• And we conclude with one of the strangest jersey designs in MLB history: Baseball chest insignias are usually either straight, arched, or sloped “uphill,” but the 1928 Tigers wore their team name sloping downhill. Bizarre!

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